Wine Cocktails Part 1

Vino Francesca Harry Dalian

Vino Francesca

This fruity cocktail incorporates honey and sage syrup, rosé, ice, and lemon for an earthy yet refreshing drink made to enjoy with lunch or dinner.

the payson harry dalian

The Payson

This citrusy, zesty cocktail has many ingridients but doesn’t lack freshness and personality! Ingredients include fruity red wine like Pinot Noir, cranberry and orange juices, Chambored, ice, sprite, and lemon, lime, and orange zest for garnish.

the star gazer harry dalian

The Star Gazer

A cocktail with pazaz and complexity, The Star Gazer isn’t playing around. Incorporating chardonnay, dark rum, vanilla bean syrup and pineapple juice, you cannot get bored with this beverage.

apple & pink julep harry dalian

Apple & Pink Julep

Port is not traditionally thought of as refreshing, but the Croft Pink Port in this drink reimagines what one can do with wine and cocktails. Muddle some mint leaves with apple juice and add the port and ice and you’re good to go!