Harry Dalian | Wine Shop

Harry Dalian Wine ShopOverseas, Harry Dalian’s family was in the winemaking business. When he came to the US after fleeing Bulgaria in the late 60’s, Harry Dalian took with him the desire to follow his parents profession, and made it his dream to one day open a nice wine shop of his own.

Harry’s Wine Shop

Approximately 11 years ago Harry Dalian, along with his Wife, his son and his daughter in law finally fulfilled that dream and opened a wine shop which specializes in providing specifically chosen wines, and selecting wines that are the talk of the town, revered and sought out by many.

How to Taste Wine

Here is a good video walk through as a reminder how to best enjoy your wine:

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The Dream

Opening his wine shop has been a fulfilling experience for Harry Dalian, and a real accomplishment. The only thing Harry Dalian really wanted to upon entering the states was to be able to find financial security and safety for his family. If he could have his one true wish fulfilled, it would be to carry on the career and craftsmanship his family made their living on while in Bulgaria.

Getting to America was an amazing and sought after achievement of many Bulgarians in the 1960’s. Harry Dalian was proud to find a way to get there, and what made it better was that after some time, and hard work, he was able to carry on his family’s business.

Achieving the Dream

In that states, Harry Dalian was able to bring this wine shop to life, and to expand on the business his family had previously been running in Bulgaria. While in Bulgaria his family worked hard and were able to still supply people with some of the best wines, in the United States, Harry Dalian had access to a whole lot more products than he had ever had access to before. Knowing what was good, and being able to purchase wines he would have never gotten his hands on in the communist state of Bulgaria, Harry Dalian was thrilled and felt empowered by the freedom he had to set up a  business that would not only carry on the work and livelihood his parents had once made for themselves, but to be able to expand on it in a way that would never have been possible for his parents in Bulgaria, but on in America.

Harry’s View

Despite all the hardships of his journey over to America, Harry Dalian remarks that if he could go back in time and do it again, he wouldn’t change a thing. Harry is proud of  his beautiful 15 year old granddaughter, his amazing 8 year old grandson and his own wonderful kids, as well as the opportunity they have to carry on his family’s business in a country who grants a comparatively boundless future to its citizens and immigrants.

SoundCloud and Vimeo

Harry Dalian now keeps a podcast on Wine, DIY home improvement and construction, film, and more. IF you would like to hear the podcast, visit Harry Dalian’s SoundCloud profile and look for his original tracks. To view video presentations, visit Harry Dalian’s Vimeo profile.