The Many Wines Of Italy

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Wine comes from many different regions across the world. Italy is one of the most popular regions with a wide variety of grapes and as a result, many different varieties of wine.

Producing both red and white, Italian wine has something to offer every palate. Here’s a list of the major Italian wine varieties:


Asti: sparkling, moscato grapes from Asti, sweet, low alcohol content, fruity, floral

Frascati: Trebbiano grapes, Frascati area, dry, light, crisp, subtle

Gavi: dry, medium, Cortese grapes from Gavi, crisp. slight notes of honey, apple, and minerals.

Pino Grigio: light, dry, crisp, subtle flavors, Pinot Gris grapes, Northeastern Italy

Soave: Veneto region, Garganega grapes, dry, crisp, light-medium, slight notes of pear, apple, or peach.

Verdicchio: dry, medium, crisp, mineral flavor, fresh, Verdicchio grapes, Marche region


Amarone: full bodied, partially-bried Corvina grapes, Veneto region, dry, firm, concentrated fruity notes

Barbaresco: Very similar to Barolo, same grape and area, lighter, more palatable, best 8-15 years

Barbera: Piedmont region, dry, light-medium, strong berry flavor, acidic, slight tannin, best from Alba or Asti zones

Barolo: dry, full, Nebbiolo grapes, Barolo area, eclectic aromas, strawberry flavor, tar, herbs, earth, tannin, 10-20 years

Brunello di Montalcino: full, strong, Savgiovese grapes, Montalcino zone of Tuscany, dry, very tannic, 15+years

Chianti: very dry, medium, slight tannic. sour cherry flavor, Savgiovese grapes, Chianti area of Tuscany, enjoyed young and old

Lambrusco: sweet, fizzy, grapey flavor, Lambrusco grapes, Emilia-Romagna region, dry, can come sparkling

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo: medium, red fruit flavor, slight veggie note, comes as a lighter wine, best enjoyed concentrated, denser, from Montepulciano grape, Abruzzo region

Salice Salentino: dry, full, Negroamaro grapes, Puglia region, strong flavors of hot, ripe fruit, complex

Valpolicella: medium, Corvina grapes, Valpolicella area, Veneto region, dry, light, slight tannic, strong cherry flavor

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano: medium, dry, light, cherry flavor, similar to Chianti, Sangiovese grapes, Montepulciano area, Tuscany region.


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