Beer Growing in Popularity in France

Man thinking about wineFrance has long had a reputation for focusing on drinking wine. However, according to an article recently completed for Wine Searcher, that fact has been in the process of changing in recent years. Three decades ago, the industry of microbreweries in France was on the verge of extinction. However that is in the process of changing; within recent years, the United States claimed the title of the world’s largest wine consumer, taking the title from France. In addition, figures recently reported indicate that over seventy percent of the French people consider themselves clueless in regards to wine.

Combining all these facts, it makes it less surprising that the French are in the process of turning towards beer as the alcohol of choice instead of wine. As a result, the number of microbreweries has increased incredibly in the last few years. Since 2010, the number of small breweries in the country has doubled. In 2010, there were only three hundred and thirty four microbreweries in the country; by 2013, that number had increased to six hundred small breweries. There are also now twenty microbrew bars with unique beers on tap and over one hundred and fifty others available in a bottle. Several well known microbrew bars in the country include Le Supercoin, Express de Lyon and La Fine Mousse. With all of these options available, craft beers are now able to be purchased very cheaply in the country, sometimes with prices as low as ten euros a bottle, which is the equivalent of thirteen American dollars a bottle.

Despite all of this, France still consumes less beer than its European neighbors, and what they do choose to drink is often softer, less bitter and more refined than the typical choice in beer. In general, craft beers only account for just barely three percent of the beverage market in France. However, as the microbreweries continue to be created and developed, more unique and craft beers are brought about. This allows for more options, which could motivate even the wary consumer to give beer a try; in essence, with more craft beers, there is nearly a beer for everyone.

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